Lucinda M. Stinson

My name is Lucinda M. Stinson, and I am a lifelong resident of Kalamazoo Michigan. My parents were the owners of the first African American grocery store business on the Northside of Kalamazoo for over 25 years.  I was raised in a home where the word of God was spoken, and community awareness and ownership were modeled and displayed. My parents was aware of the needs of the community and served willingly to ensure needs were met and they passed this onto me. I have served in the field of healthcare for forty years in various non-profit positions. I began my career as a registered respiratory therapist and spent a total of 25 years as a clinician between Borgess and Bronson hospitals where my passion to serve the community was magnified.

I have served in leadership positions within the community with a focus on how to make the community better by thinking outside of the box to address systemic issues, that address healthcare access equitably. I am currently the CEO of Lending Hands of Michigan, part-time Professor for the College of Health & Human Services at Western Michigan University, board chair for the Hospital Hospitality House, and elected to the Board of Trustees for Kalamazoo valley Community college where I am the Board Chair.

I have a daughter, Lucretia Jane Stinson who is an accomplished musician and flautist who plays in the band at Mt. Zion Baptist Church.